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Acupuncture Practice Marketing

Online Advertising Exclusively for Acupuncturists

By Acupuncturists

Business Info

Our Practice:

  • Sees over 400 new patients per year

  • Provides over 4,500 treatments per year

  • Has generated millions in revenue

  • Was a six-figure practice within 15 months of opening

  • Helps 15-25% more patients every year

  • Provides care to hundreds of patients every month

Acupuncture Practice Marketing is an online advertising service exclusively for acupuncture practices. We specialize and work exclusively with acupuncture practices to increase their patient numbers. Dr. Austin Low and his wife own Winding River Medicine, the largest practice in Placer County and one of the largest in the greater Sacramento area. Their online marketing has brought thousands of new patients to acupuncture and East Asian Medicine through their practice and working with other practices. 


Working with Dr. Low will help you build up your practice using the same online tools he uses for his and his wife's practice and he now uses for their acupuncturist associates. Our average client earns 2-4 times what they invest and have an additional mid to high 5-figure increase to business within the first year. His methods come from analyzing the over 800,000 data points collected marketing acupuncturist practices online. Our services offer a consistent, reliable way to get a lot more web traffic and patients. Work with him and all of the online marketing you need is taken care of for you. 


He started this marketing service to help acupuncturists build their practices at an affordable rate. This marketing service is the business Dr. Low and his wife would've wanted to help them when they first started. The goal of this business is to share what they’ve learned to help acupuncturists make a livable wage and to help them help more patients. "Be the tide that raises all boats." 


A practice we worked with in 2022 will now increase sales by around $95,000 over the next year after working with Dr. Low for 8 months on the Premium Plan and using our Insurance Billing Training Packet. It is an increase of almost $8,000 per month.

This increase in business has been life-changing for her. She is still an active client today and continues to grow the number of people she helps in the greater Sacramento area. 

Process & Plans

Our Plans

Begin with a free consultation with Dr. Low to assess the state of your practice and your goals. We will then discuss possible plan options for you. 

Basic Plan

Conservative Growth

Good for ensuring a low consistent level of new patients to an established practice


Professional Plan

Recommended for most practices


Moderate Growth

Balanced amount of patients for individual practitioners

Practices currently seeing fewer than 20 patients per week


Premium Plan

Rapid Growth

For new practices or those struggling to get more patients in the door

Practices with multiple practitioners


We ask for a minimum 6 month commitment, billed monthly. Flat Fee, no variable pricing - always know what it will cost. Flat fee includes cost of services and cost of advertising. Collecting data and optimizing online advertisements for your market takes time so results and increased sales compound over time. We only want to work with acupuncturists who are fully committed to growing their practice. 

We offer a Money Back Guarantee if, after 6 months, you have not broken even on your initial minimum amount.


Most "business gurus" haven't actually practiced what they promote. We've done it for ourselves, for others and we are still actively doing it. We strongly believe you should always be advertising.

Additional Services

Additional Service:

Acupuncture Insurance Billing Training Packet

Our Insurance Billing Training Packet includes: 

  • A straightforward and easy-to-use training packet which covers accepting insurance, enrolling with insurance networks, coding appointments, learning specific procedures for certain companies and submitting claims* Example Pages

  • Our business’s up-to-date Insurance Information by Company document derived from submitting thousands of claims every year*

  • Example claim forms

  • Example chart of how to meet strict charting guidelines required by some insurances to help protect yourself from audits*

  • Our business’s New Patient Intake form which we use to verify insurance coverage* Example Pages

  • Our business’s Billing Quick Reference Guide which shows which CPT codes are covered by which insurance companies* Example Pages

  • One-on-one meeting with Dr. Low to answer any of your questions*


*Information not available with some billing CEU's and training

The Acupuncture Insurance Billing Training Packet is available for a one-time fee of 500. We expect that once you are enrolled with all of the insurance companies, you will make back your initial investment quickly within just a few months, especially if utilizing our advertising services. Help protect your practice against economic downturns!


Combining the Training Packet and advertising service yields significant results. 

In compliance with Google Ad Advertiser Policies:

Carbon Neutral since 2021

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